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You exist, and you have found Spark, the idle incremental game where you grow from an ethereal Spark of Life into an all-powerful cosmic being.


Spark is an Idle game that was both developed and published by Deuski Games. In Spark, you take on the role of a Spark of Life that suddenly pops into existence and begins to blindly accumulate Matter into itself, thereby growing its influence on the Cosmos. The gameplay of Spark is in the classic style of idle games, where the user interface consists solely of buttons, progress bars, and timers. The game begins as simply as possible, with only one Resource (Matter) available to you, but you will quickly be prompted to swipe left to the Evolution page, where permanent improvements can be unlocked, which include more resources, auto-incrementing (even while the app is closed), an additional Upgrades menu, a reset mechanic, and more! The goal of the game is to amass as much Influence as possible and build the Cosmos in your own image!

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