There are 25 possible evolutions in Spark. Once the 25th evolution (Multidimensionality) is unlocked, the Directed Evolution screen will read "Fully Evolved - All game mechanics have been unlocked. Go and maximize your influence".

Name Unlocks Cost
Intelligence Energy Resource 50
Consciousness Structure Resource 300
Purpose Automatically increments Matter 1,000
Nebulae Upgrades Menu 50,000
Star Formation Automatically increments Energy 500,000
Planet Formation Bulk Resource Purchase 3 Million
Organic Matter Automatically increments Structure 15 Million
DNA Time Resource 44.572 Trillion on android, 10.615 Trillion on iOS
Protozoan Automatically increments Time 205.722 Trillion on android, 106.159 Trillion on iOS
Bacterium Universe Destruction 10 Quadrillion
Inheritance Space Resource 208.614 Quintillion
Cell Colonies Automatically increments Space 959.861 Quintillion
Cell Specialization Altar of Knowledge 1.000 Septillion
Flora Shows influence needed until next epochal moment 6.000 Septillion
Fauna Bulk Upgrade Purchase 3.000 Undecillion on android, 3 Quattuordecillion on iOS
Social Behavior Spirit Resource 1.044 Tredecillion
Domestication Automatically increments Spirit 5.594 Tredecillion
Sapiens Displays the rate at which the resource Matter accumulates influence 600.000 Quindecillion
Tool Use Displays the rate at which the resource Energy accumulates influence 60.000 Septendecillion
Global Society Statistics Tab 5.000 Novemdecillion
Space-Faring Civilization Displays the rate at which the resource Structure accumulates influence 600.000 Vigintillion
Omnipotence Displays the rate at which the resource Time accumulates influence 60.000 Duovigintillion
Omnipresence Display the rate at which the resource Space accumulates influence 6.000 Quattuorvigintillion
Omniscience Displays the rate at which the resource Spirit accumulates influence 600.000 Quinvigintillion
Multidimensionality Allows all past epochal moments to be remembered 7.000 Novemvigintillion
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